Artemis to Go Where No Rancher Has Gone Before

One of the headlines on Drudge pointed to a story by CNBC.

Artemis on Launchpad 08-27-22

Here are some details omitted by the compliant media.

The spacecraft was equipped with an array of sensors that will detect forage, water and cover, and will determine if the soil is amenable to fencing and cattle gates.

The resource management plans, still in development, were influenced by lessons learned from the westward migration on Earth.

Future legislation would initiate rulemaking that sharply limits the possession of horses and burros by explorers, settlers and prospectors.

The RMPs would assign at least 98.6% of the authorized forage to privately owned livstock, with the balance reserved for wildlife, inverting the intent of the WHB Act.

The scanners will also search for remote wilderness areas, not particularly suited to livestock grazing, where estrays could be shipped under the guise of wildfire prevention.

Desperate for a seat at the table, the advocates have already indicated their willingness to track down and inhibit any escaped mares.

They are bolstered by new technology that promises unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with global positioning, facial recognition and self-propelled darts.

“Like the Democrat Party,” one of them told Western Horse Watchers, “we’ve had to be coy about our long-term plans, but in this environment we’re coming out of the closet.”

Contrary to rumors going around on socialist media, if you look closely at the photo, the logo on the booster says NASA not NCBA.

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