Virginia Range Darting Program Working as Planned?

The Reno Gazette Journal posted a story yesterday for subscribers only, so Western Horse Watchers did not read it or link to it.

RGJ Story on VR Darting Program 08-20-22

The snippet provided by online services indicated the area can only support 600 wild horses when it’s been supporting five times that many for years.

The figure was likely provided by bureaucrats at the Nevada Department of Agriculture.

The preferred value is 300—one wild horse per thousand acres.

Where have you heard that before?

It’s the average stocking rate for wild horses and burros on lands managed by the BLM, 27,000 animals on 27 million acres.

The goal of the darting program is to destroy evidence that contradicts the government’s claim and bring the Virginia Range in line with the narrative pushed by the bureaucrats and ranchers.

The advocates are willing partners in the destruction.

“Useful idiots” might be a better term.

Darting Injuries 05-19-22

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