Colorado’s Wild Horses Also Need Protection from Advocates

There’s not one word about permitted grazing, which affects three of the four HMAs in the state, in this column posted yesterday by The Denver Post.

All of them are subject to the Montana Solution, or similar product, including the curated horse exhibit at Spring Creek Basin.

Three or four foals are born every year, down from 12 to 15 each year before the darting program was put in place, according to an article by The Journal of Cortez, CO.

The advocates refer to the practice as on-range management, but the goal in most cases is to take horses off the range.  Helicopters don’t fly but the results are the same.

Why don’t they talk about the way public lands are managed?

Spring Creek Basin is not subject to permitted grazing and the darting program has been in effect for 11 years.

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Spring Creek HMA Map 08-12-22

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