RTF Applauds BLM Grants, If They Involve Fertility Control

The ranching advocacy group and signatory to the ill-advised Path Forward said today in a news release that the agency needs to overhaul the way that wild horse herds are managed on our public lands, not the way that public lands are managed.

Consider this example from the Warm Springs HMA in Oregon.  The calculations were discussed in a previous post.

Warm Springs AUM Summary-1

These figures signify nothing to the advocates because they are innumerate.

The BLM will collect $26,179 per year in grazing fees from ranching activity inside the HMA, while it spends $2,949,200 per year to care for the 1,616 wild horses displaced thereby.

The problem is permitted grazing but the advocates want to get rid of the horses!

  • The AML is small relative to the available resources
  • The horses receive a small fraction of the authorized forage
  • The HMA is managed primarily for livestock

That’s what Return to Freedom and its supporters are trying to protect.

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Thriving Ecological Balance-3

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