Piceance Roundup Cut Short by GonaCon Supply?

The BLM wasn’t able to secure enough of the vaccine, which may act as a sterilant, to carry out the original plan according to a story by the Steamboat Pilot & Today.

Personnel with Piceance Mustangs, a ranching advocacy group, helped the agency select the 41 stallions that were returned to the HMA.

Another 56 mares, representing most of the unaccounted-for animals, are still in temporary corrals, awaiting a second dose of the pesticide.

Others are still whining about some horses that flipped over a hidden fence during the chase, when they’d be first in line to get rid of them with the Montana Solution.

Protect Wild Horses from Advocates 08-29-21

The wild horse and burro program has been a drag on the grazing program for 50 years.

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