The Untold Story of Alma, Abandoned Currituck Mare?

She’s been wandering the Currituck Outer Banks in search for companionship and has finally been accepted by another band, according to a story dated July 28 by The News & Observer of Raleigh, NC.

Alma joined up with Cowboy, a stallion, mares Daisy and Shala, and Shala’s 3-year-old son Renzi.

Apparently, the band does not include any foals.

Alma and Renzi may eventually split from the group and create their own family, a statement attributed to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, like others in the article.

Western Horse Watchers decided to check it out.

An email sent to the herd manager asked if Alma had been treated with fertility control and what was the plan going forward.

As of this evening, no answer has been received.

Birth rates and breeding patterns are determined by the advocates, not the horses.

If Alma has been darted, the statement about starting a family was a lie.

A commenter on socialist media said “It’s hard to sit back sometimes and let nature take its course,” which is just about impossible wherever the advocates are involved.

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