BLM to Remove Piute Mountain Burros from Fenner Spring?

A new project has been created in ePlanning but no documents have been posted.

The project map puts the job site west of the Piute Mountain HA and southwest of Fenner, CA.

The HA does not appear on the Western Watersheds map but it’s mostly inside the Lazy Daisy Allotment.

The management status is Improve according to the Allotment Master Report.

Allotments in the Improve Category exhibit vegetative and watershed conditions that don’t meet objectives and standards for rangeland health.

Piute Mountain HA Map 07-24-22

The allotment offers 3,192 active AUMs on 284,533 public acres, with forage availability coming in at a paltry 11.2 AUMs per year per thousand acres—not quite enough to support a stocking rate of two wild burros (or one wild horse) per thousand acres.

The government will collect $4,309 per year from the permittee in grazing fees while it spends $485,450 per year to care for the 266 wild horses (or 532 wild burros) that the allotment would support.

The HA has an AML of zero and is no longer managed for wild burros.

A roundup occurred in the area four years ago.

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