Triple B Roundup, Day 3

The incident began on July 17.  Gather stats through July 19:

  • Target: Horses
  • Type: Planned
  • Method: Helicopter
  • Category: Cruel and costly
  • Captured: 138, up from 43 on Day 1
  • Average daily take: 46.0
  • Capture goal: 1,900
  • Removal goal: 1,800
  • Returned: None, no change from Day 1
  • Deaths: 3, up from zero on Day 1
  • Shipped: 80, up from zero on Day 1

Three horses were put down on Day 3 due to pre-existing conditions, lifting the death rate to 2.2%.  They would be alive if there was no roundup.

The total includes 45 stallions, 63 mares and 30 foals.

Youngsters represented 21.7% of the animals captured.  Of the adults, 41.7% were male and 58.3% were female.

Body condition scores were not given.

The location of the trap site was not disclosed.

The Complex and surrounding lands are subject to permitted grazing.

Triple B Complex Map 07-11-22

Day 3 ended with 55 unaccounted-for animals.

Mares treated with fertility control may be returned to the area at a later date.

Other statistics:

  • Horses allowed by plan (AML): 821
  • Forage assigned to horses: 9,852 AUMs per year
  • Pre-gather population: 3,475
  • Forage liberated to date: 1,656 AUMs per year
  • Water liberated to date: 1,380 gallons per day
  • Forage assigned to livestock: 49,188 AUMs per year (estimated)
  • Horses displaced from Complex by permitted grazing: 4,099
  • True AML: 4,911
  • Stocking rate at new AML: 3.0 horses per thousand acres
  • Horses displaced from Complex by drilling and mining: Ask the advocates

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