Story of Jicarilla Mustangs Told in New Documentary

The film premieres this weekend during a historical society fundraiser in Farmington, NM, according to a report posted yesterday by the Farmington Daily Times.

The JMA, consisting of the Carracas Mesa HMA and Jicarilla WHT, is jointly managed by the BLM and Forest Service.

The HMA covers 9,000 acres and the WHT contains 76,000 acres.  The combined AML is 128 and the stocking rate allowed by plan is 1.5 wild horses per thousand acres.

The HMA does not appear on the Western Watersheds map but is on the west side of the WHT abutting the Colorado state line.

Jicarilla JMA Map 07-13-22

The WHT overlaps three allotments and is probably subject to permitted grazing.

The grazing status of the HMA is not known.

The story did not indicate if the film would discuss resource allocations, land-use plans and the mismanagement of areas set aside for wild horses.

Warning to those wearing “Stay Wild” caps: The article contains images of foals.

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