Buffalo Hills Roundup Over

Operations concluded yesterday, according to a statement at the gather page, with 390 horses captured, 369 shipped, ten deaths and one returned.

The total includes 147 stallions, 194 mares and 49 foals, based on the daily reports.

The total at the gather page was 380, based on 184 mares captured.

The capture goal was 383 and the removal goal was 353.  Mares treated with fertility control may be returned to the HMA at a later date.

The death rate was 2.6%.

Foals represented 12.6% of the total.

Of the adults, 43.1% were male and 56.9% were female.

Body condition scores were not provided.

Video from Day 2 showing the mistreatment of a foal sparked outrage among observers and may have killed public support for the Wild Horse Protection Act (helicopter ban).

RELATED: BLM to Thin Buffalo Hills Herd Starting This Week.

UPDATE: The July 11 news release said up to 27 mares will be treated with GonaCon and returned to the HMA.

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