Advocates Condemn Foal Abuse at Buffalo Hills Roundup

They’re outraged, according to a news release on EIN by Animal Wellness Action.

What do they prefer?  The Montana Solution.  No foals at all.

  • Injuries and infections
  • Destruction of ovaries
  • Abnormal sex ratios
  • Increased death rates
  • Shrinking herds
  • Disruption of natural order
  • Subordination to livestock

Stalking the bands with clipboards and darting rifles, injecting the mares with pesticides and shifting their food and water to the public-lands ranchers is their raison d’être.

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Advocates are the Predators 11-30-21

2 thoughts on “Advocates Condemn Foal Abuse at Buffalo Hills Roundup

  1. Helicopters shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near Wild Horses & Burros. This madness must stop! Killing foals is about as inhumane as you can get. There are millions of acres of land that belong legally to the horses that cattle are grazing on. Cattle business is booming, and our Wild Horses are paying with their lives. Our government needs to stop working with cattle organizations that are pushing our Wild Horses off their land and putting them in holding cells where they will die. People should look at the cruel tactics the BLM uses to get rid of OUR horses that belong on OUR public lands!

  2. I’m so over this! We’ve been nice and the ranchers and BLM have ignored us and are being meaner. No more mister nice guy.

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