BLM Retiree Opines About Wild Horses and Baby Murder

The column, published by the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, begins with a strange remark about overpopulation of wild horses and humans.

As for the horses, they are not native to North America [even though they appear in the fossil record] and have no natural predators [because they would also be interested in privately owned cattle and sheep].

As for the humans, if he thinks there are too many of them, why doesn’t he do anything about it?  Walk the talk.  Be a role model.  Stop breathing.  Save the planet.

Now that Roe has been overturned, “we’re going to grow a lot of people so mentally broken they can’t tell right from wrong.”

Too late, it’s been happening for 60 years.  We call them liberals.

The federal government is full of them.

While Kristi Noem’s wealthy buddies get their abortions on the quiet, his former employer protects his wealthy ranching buddies from the realities of a free market, while showering him with benefits that we in the private sector can only dream of.

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