New Resource Enforcement Plan for Cedar Mountain Announced

The Draft EA and supporting documents have been posted for public review.

A 30-day comment period begins today.

The Proposed Action, discussed in Section 2.2 of the EA, features roundups, fertility control, intrauterine devices and GPS tracking over a ten-year period.

Cedar Mountain HMA Map 01-29-22

The HMA intersects four grazing allotments, as noted in February.  The forage assigned to livestock inside the HMA is not known at this time.

As stipulated in Section 1.2.1 of the EA, the project will not adjust the AML or livestock use, including forage allocations, as these were set through previous land-use planning and implementation decisions reflected in the January 1990 Pony Express Resource Management Plan and Record of Decision (RMP/ROD), as amended (BLM 1990).

Curiously, the HMA has an HMAP, which can only ratify and reinforce the resource allocations of the RMP.

Comments will be accepted through July 28 according to the BLM news release.

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