Volunteer Ambassadors Sought

The Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses, a ranching front group and leader in the wild horse removal industry, has openings for three individuals with experience in education, public speaking, community relations and networking.

In these roles, you will

  • Become a leader on federal, state, and local legislative and policy issues
  • Advance initiatives to protect wild horses and burros, the environment and wildlife
  • Educate the public by speaking at schools and community organizations

For example, if asked about management practices at the North Lander Complex in Wyoming, your job is to convince others that livestock should receive at least seven times more forage than the horses, and the best way to achieve that goal is not with cruel and inhumane helicopter roundups but with safe and reversible fertility control.

VR Darting Injury 09-15-21

You will not be expected to convert AMLs to AUMs or compute forage allocations for livestock in areas set aside for wild horses because those numbers would destroy the rationale for your darting programs and reveal you and your colleagues as frauds.

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Protecting Wild Horses on Virginia Range 06-25-22

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