Save Blawn Wash HMA?

This urgent message from The Cloud Foundation asks its supporters to oppose a plan that will zero-out the Blawn Wash herd.

NEWS FLASH: Blawn Wash was zeroed out in 2005.  A 2001 land exchange shifted 43% of the acreage and 70% of the forage from the BLM to the State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration.  Forage in that portion of the HA is managed by SITLA.

The AML has been zero for 17 years.  Refer to Section 1.1 in the Draft EA for resource enforcement actions in the Bible Springs Complex.

The comment period for the new EA closes tomorrow.

The project can never lead to meaningful changes for the horses and can only improve conditions for the public-lands ranchers.

RELATED: Draft EA for Bible Springs Complex Out for Review.

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