Bible Springs Complex Has No HMAP!

Is that why livestock receive 3.5 times more forage than the horses?

An HMAP could only ratify and reinforce current management practices.

The AML, which is small relative to the available forage, would carry over into the new plan, the HMAs would be managed primarily for livestock, as they are now, and the enforcement actions of Section 2.2.1 in the Draft EA would be implemented to ensure the herds can’t consume more than their fair share of the food and water.

The opportunity for public participation in the process, limited to comments on an EA for a new pest control program, can never lead to meaningful changes for the horses.

The planning and decision documents that put ranching interests far above those of the horses, along with the statutes and regulations the precede them, need to be dragged into the open for scrutiny by the American people.

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