Advocates Seek End of Roundups in Wake of Cañon City Incident

Two sentences from a story by the Las Vegas Review-Journal will suffice.

“An advocacy group for wild horses is seeking an emergency halt of roundups on public lands following recent assessments of understaffing and animal welfare risks at federal corrals and holding centers in Nevada and other Western states.”

“The American Wild Horse Campaign, as well as lawmakers led by Titus and Cohen, want federal agencies to implement birth control measures to reduce the need for the helicopter roundups.”

There’s nothing to see here, folks.

The Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses wants roundups replaced with darting programs.  They want the horses off the range as much as the bureaucrats and ranchers.

They’d be agitating for that even if there were no deaths at the off-range corrals.

Their long-term goal is to be the leader in the wild horse removal business.

So long, Cattoor and Sun J.

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