Older Horses Should Be Allowed to Die Where Born

As for the youngsters, they shouldn’t be allowed at all.

The real estate agent and PZP darter in Minden/Gardnerville area is back with another column about the Montana Solution in this month’s edition of Horse Tales.

A perfect topic for Foal-Free Friday, starting on page six.

This charlatan praises the work of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses and Wild Horse Eradication, who spend your hard-earned donations on useless endeavors.

She points to the 60,000 animals in off-range holding, and the associated costs, but does not say a word about the cattle and sheep occupying their home range.

A few miles to the north, the advocate identifies four others who have fired over one thousand doses each of PZP into the Virginia Range herd.

She’s proud of their accomplishments.

The article concludes with some remarks about roundups—that don’t work according to the monster-in-charge at CAAWH.

They are very effective, you idiot, at shifting resources from wild horses to privately owned livestock, the same thing you and your foot soldiers are trying to achieve with the Montana Solution.

The herds will never bounce back if they have their way, assuring ranching superiority in areas set aside for the horses.

These people are lowbrows, stooges for the public-lands ranchers.

Portrait of an Advocate 01-04-22

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