Wild Horse Freedom Rallies Set for Next Month

Most will occur on June 11 according to the latest schedule.  Check the list for dates and times in your area.

An announcement on EIN says they were initiated in response to the loss of almost 250 mustangs in Colorado and Wyoming off-range corrals.

To date, 145 horses have died at Cañon City and 11 at Wheatland.

If wild horses and burros have been subjugated to ranching interests, as the organizers state, why aren’t they working on a overhaul of the statutes, regulations and RMPs that determine how public-lands are managed?

  • Livestock confined to base properties (private lands associated with allotments)
  • Most resources assigned to horses and burros
  • Small amount reserved for wildlife

AMLs, which are usually small relative to the available food and water, were not part of the original statute.

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