Salt River Stallion Put Down After Eating Plastic Bag

He was euthanized by order of the Salt River Wild Horse Darting Group, a surrogate of the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses.

“He was literally starving and dehydrating,” their ringleader told KPNX News of Mesa, AZ in a story published yesterday.  “He was trying to drink and eat and it was the saddest thing we’ve ever seen.”

Watching her destroy the herd with the Montana Solution—and get away with it—is one of the saddest things we’ve ever seen.

Do you see any foals in the video posted with the report?

The advocates have ten years to take the herd from its current size of 400 down to 250, according to an unidentified voice in the April 1 episode of Foal-Free Friday.

The incident puts them one step closer to their goal.

Do not be misled by the coverage, the advocates are the greatest threat to these horses, not the kayakers, paddleboarders and plastic bags.

UPDATE: Added video.

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