Black Mountain Roundup Day 7

The incident began on May 2.  Gather stats through May 8:

  • Target: Burros
  • Type: Planned
  • Method: Helicopter
  • Captured: 267, up from 124 on Day 3
  • Average daily take: 38.1
  • Capture goal: 1,080
  • Removal goal: 1,080
  • Returned: None
  • Deaths: None
  • Shipped: 173, up from 56 on Day 3

Reports for Days 4 to 7 were not posted until yesterday.  Helicopters did not fly on Day 7 due to high winds.

The cumulative total includes 100 jacks, 127 jennies and 40 foals.

Youngsters represented 15.0% of the animals captured.  Of the adults, 44.1% were male and 55.9% were female.

The herd can’t be growing at a rate of 20% per year with a birth rate of 15% per year.

Four PZP jennies have been caught to date, part of the Humane Society darting project.

The location of the trap site within the HMA was not disclosed.

Black Mountain HMA Map 02-25-22

Day 7 ended with 94 unaccounted-for animals.

Other statistics:

  • AML: 478
  • Forage assigned to burros: 2,868 AUMs per year
  • Pre-gather population: 3,000
  • Forage liberated to date: 1,602 AUMs per year
  • Water liberated to date: 1,335 gallons per day
  • Forage assigned to livestock: 7,333 AUMs per year (estimated)
  • Burros displaced from HMA by permitted grazing: 1,222
  • True AML: 1,700
  • Stocking rate at new AML: 1.7 burros per thousand acres
  • Burros displaced from HMA by drilling and mining: Ask the advocates

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