Protest Period Begins for Rock Springs RMP Amendments

The original project in ePlanning has been superseded by a new project, to which the Final EIS and Notice of Availability were posted.

The protest period runs from May 6 to June 6.

The BLM will release a Record of Decision after the protest period, presumably after objections have been screened for validity and merit.

If approved, management actions analyzed in the EIS would amend the 1997 Green River RMP and the 2008 Rawlins RMP.

Any person or organization that participated in the planning process and has an interest that would or may be adversely affected by the decision may protest.

The protesting party may raise only the issues they submitted for the record during the planning process leading up to the publication of the Proposed RMP Amendments.

New issues may not be brought into the record at the protest stage.

The final decision may be subject to a 30-day appeal period.

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