Bold Prediction for Veterans Against Mustangs Act

None of the big-name advocacy groups will claim responsibility for it.

They may have been upstaged.

The news release by Animal Wellness Action, a lobbying group for the PZP fanatics and presenter at the SOWH Conference, indicates that the legislation is endorsed by

  • Veterans for Mustangs
  • Animal Wellness Action
  • Animal Wellness Foundation
  • Center for a Humane Economy (another presenter)
  • Wild Beauty Foundation (ditto)
  • American Horse Protection Society
  • American Legion
  • Monty Roberts
  • Flag Is Up Farm
  • Horse Sense and Healing
  • War Horse Creek
  • Devil Dog Depot Equine Sanctuary and Rescue
  • Wish for Our Heroes

The advocates’ plan to take market share from Cattoor and Sun J may now have a serious challenger.

RELATED: Veterans Against Mustangs Act Now in Committee.

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