Legislation Would Train Veterans to Dart Wild Horses

A bill known as the Veterans for Mustangs Act, sponsored by three U.S. representatives, was unveiled on April 28 according to a story by Fox21 News of Colorado Springs, CO.

The measure would increase the use of PZP in areas set aside for wild horses, reducing the need for roundups and potentially saving taxpayers billions of dollars over the next ten years, while offering a unique form of healing for veterans.

Contrary to statements in the article, PZP is a pesticide, not a medicine.  It protects the public-lands ranchers, not the horses, and PTSD is not alleviated by engaging in the same type of activity that created it, especially when the targets are symbols of the freedoms you fought for.

Supporters of the idea include Marty Irby of Animal Wellness Action, Scott Beckstead of the Center for a Humane Economy and Cameron Ring of Veterans for Mustangs, according to a news release dated April 29 on EIN.

Curiously, Irby and Beckstead spoke at the SOWH conference just concluded.

Our servicemen and horses deserve something better.

One thought on “Legislation Would Train Veterans to Dart Wild Horses

  1. Yes they deserve better. This legislation is all about pushing fertility control which 1.) will NOT stop roundups and 2) does nothing to address the lack of BLM management plans (Herd Management Area Plans) which would actually provide protection for our wild horses AND the land they live on.pc

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