Grazing Service Alive and Well at BLM

This article in the Daily Camera of Boulder, CO refers to the anti-horse bias at the BLM, which dates back to its predecessor, the Grazing Service.

But it’s not just horses.  Anything that interferes with public-lands ranching is targeted.

Examples include wildlife, invasive weeds and trees that crowd out forage.


The article includes a post-roundup photo of Sand Wash Basin showing hundreds, if not thousands, of sheep dotting the landscape.

But it does not mention the BLM’s partners in the management process, who protect the ranchers after the fact with the Montana Solution.

In the case of Sand Wash Basin, it’s SWAT, a group that helps the agency enforce the RMP that assigns 79% of the available forage to livestock while guaranteeing that the 1,402 horses displaced from the HMA by permitted grazing never come back.

Good job guys, a fine example of the Love Triangle on America’s public lands.

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