How to Help Three Fingers and Jackies Butte Horses

Like other HMAs, their AMLs are small relative to the available resources because most of them have been assigned to privately owned livestock.

This is a condition that the PZP fanatics won’t even acknowledge, let alone challenge.

Their mission is to protect the ranchers, not the horses, which is why you shouldn’t be giving them money.

Would Herd Management Area Plans (HMAPs) help?

The BLM allocated forage for livestock in the 2002 Record of Decision for the Southeastern Oregon Resource Management Plan, which was carried forward from the 1984 Southern Malheur Rangeland Program Summary, according to Section 3.2.2 of the Draft EA for resource enforcement actions in the HMAs.

If the HMAPs did not alter the specifications of the RMP, they could only ratify and reinforce current practices, which are biased in favor of the ranchers.

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Pancake Gather Plan

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