Sheep Return to Cronan Ranch

Approximately 900 animals will graze on 1,000 acres until late August, according to yesterday’s news release.

That’s equivalent to 180 wild horses.

The grazing season is 4.5 months so the total forage demand is 810 AUMs.

The equivalent stocking rate is 180 wild horses per thousand acres, compared to an average rate of one wild horse per thousand acres across all HMAs, many of which are on the lee (dry) side of the Sierra.

The ranch is on the windward (wet) side.

The announcement did not indicate if the sheepherder pays the BLM for the privilege or the BLM pays the sheepherder for the service.

The cost of the forage is about $1,100 at current grazing fees but the market value may be closer to $20,000.

RELATED: Targeted Grazing Begins Next Week at Cronan Ranch.

Cronan Ranch Grazing Map 05-07-21

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