Virginia Range Real Estate Prices Still Going Bonkers

Here are two listings that recently appeared on Zillow:

  • Castle Peak Rd, 3,296 sq ft, 16.7 ac, grid connected, has horse setup, $1.25 million
  • Goldfield Rd, 4,363 sq ft, 16.4 ac, grid connected, no horse setup, $1.65 million

There is no Prop 13 in Nevada and assessed values can climb rapidly in seller’s markets.

On the bright side, as a land owner, you can tell the advocates that your property is off limits to their darting efforts.

Even if you don’t have property on the Virginia Range, you can still help the horses by not giving money to the advocates.

Listings for the area on Redfin, filtered for 10 acre lots minimum, can viewed here.

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