Status of American Prairie Grazing Decision

A BLM public affairs officer told Western Horse Watchers yesterday that a proposed grazing decision is subject to a 15-day protest period, which, for American Prairie, is now in progress.

A 30-day appeal period begins when/if a final grazing decision is issued.

All protest letters received must be reviewed to determine if they meet the standards of federal grazing regulations.

The PAO did not indicate if any such letters had been received.

The protest period for a proposed grazing decision is not an open comment period for the general public.  Certified letters are sent to qualified parties, as defined by federal grazing regulations.  The BLM can accept protest documents for consideration and any protest filed should document the reason(s) why the proposed decision is in error.

The PAO said the final grazing decision would be posted to the project website and would be accompanied by another news release.

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