Bold Prediction for Motorized Equipment Hearing

The advocates will argue that helicopters are cruel and inhumane and that the herds should be managed with PZP.

The cattlemen will claim that the HMAs are overpopulated and that the government should get rid of them with helicopters.

Protect Wild Horses from Advocates 08-29-21

There will be no voices for the horses and nothing good will come out of it because it’s focused on the wrong things.

The meeting, set for April 26, will be livestreamed.

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One thought on “Bold Prediction for Motorized Equipment Hearing

  1. On the basis of the information provided to the committee, the statistics on the national population size cannot be considered scientifically rigorous. The links between the statistics on the national population size and actual population surveys, which are the foundational data of all estimates, are obscure. The procedures used for developing annual HMA population-size estimates from counts are not standardized and often not documented. Therefore, it seems that the national statistics are the product of hundreds of subjective, probably independent, judgments and assumptions by range managers and administrators about the proportion of animals counted during surveys, population growth rates, effects of management interventions, and potential animal movements between HMAs.

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