Any Accountability to Public in ASNF Wild Horse Roundup?

A public affairs officer for the Forest Service described it as a law enforcement action, but will the agency release any information from the crime scene as the suspects are apprehended?

The capture and removal goals, for the initial phase of the project, are 20 and 20, and the pre-gather population is thought to be around 400.

Unknown at this time:

  • Number of animals captured
  • Breakdown by age and sex
  • Number of deaths
  • Number of animals shipped
  • Number of animals returned to forest
  • Forage assigned to livestock in the protected area

A closure notice still appears on the ASNF alerts page but Western Horse Watchers was unable to find any progress reports for the roundup.

Curiously, the Restricted Area (trap zone) does not appear on the ASNF closure map.

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ASNF Jumping Mouse Allotments 03-24-22

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