Scoping Begins for Livestock Management Plan at TRNP

The project is discussed in an article posted today by The Dickinson Press of Dickinson, ND, which can only be viewed by subscribers.

A newsletter was posted by the Park Service for public review.

Comments will be accepted until April 15.

A public meeting will occur on March 30.  An online option is available.

Alternatives for management of cattle and horses include:

  • No changes
  • Reduction of herds over time to no livestock
  • Non-reproductive herds at South Unit and North Unit
  • Non-reproductive herds at South Unit and Elkhorn Unit
  • Reproductive herds of horses and cattle
  • Non-reproductive herd of horses and removal of cattle

The preferred action was not identified.

The original wild horses of TRNP, thought to be descendants of Sitting Bull’s herd, were removed but some were rescued by Frank and Leo Kuntz.  The horses you see today are only an exhibit and this is acknowledged in the newsletter.

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