Best Way to Control Wild Horses

Yesterday’s column by the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses in The Salt Lake Tribune referred to helicopter roundups as “pointless,” as if the government routinely engages in the capture, branding, harassment and death of the animals without regard to the statute.

Section 1331 notwithstanding, removal of wild horses from their congressionally designated habitats, by any method, including helicopters, wranglers and PZP, shifts resources back to the public-lands ranchers, as specified in management plans that put ranching interests far above those of the horses.

Did the writer explain that?

Of course not.

She starts with the premise that the horses have to go, then tries to convince her readers that the Montana Solution is best suited to the task, forgetting that darted mares still eat, exactly what the bureaucrats and ranchers don’t want.

As noted previously, the technique will likely find favor in a mopping-up role, protecting the ranchers after the fact by making sure the herds don’t bounce back.

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