Mountain Lions Dispatched from Wild Horse Island

State and tribal wildlife officials euthanized two males and one female on the island this winter, because they had become habituated to people and were preying on an isolated population of bighorn sheep, according to a story posted this morning by the Flathead Beacon of Kalispell, MT.

Western Horse Watchers was unable to find a statement by The Wildlife Society condemning the action.

Wildlife officials have been using sheep from the island (native species) to reboot herds in other areas that have been diminished by several factors, including diseases from domestic sheep (non-native species).

How do wild sheep come in contact with domestic sheep?  Take a guess.

A search of TWS yielded several articles about the problem, including this one, but now that they’ve come out as shills for the public-lands ranchers, you probably won’t hear about it anymore.

RELATED: Wildlife Society Acknowledges Support for 2022 Roundup Plan.

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