Would You Adopt a Wild Horse from an Overpopulated HMA?

What if the herd was well within the True AML but the government got rid of them to protect the public-lands ranchers?

If “overpopulated” stirs you to a sense of duty, then you need to be in Florence, CO this weekend for the Sand Wash adoption, as described in this BLM news release.

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One thought on “Would You Adopt a Wild Horse from an Overpopulated HMA?

  1. No I would not adopt and give credence to the fraudulent and waste of taxpay dollars to the BLM extraction and Conversion of protected Wildlife. What other protected species can be adopted and end up in a 24 ft coral or slaughterhouse? Amend the fatally flawed Resource Management Plans to include wild equids as a Protected RESOURCE. Herds are composed of distinct population segments (dps) of a special status species, also a native American natural and cultural RESOURCE.
    “The protection of habitat of listed species of animals is accomplished
    not only by governmental acquisition and preservation of habitat, 11 but also
    by restrictions on both private and governmental actions that adversely
    modify or alter the habitat of protected species of fish and wildlife. 12 Under
    section 5 13 ·Of the ESA, the federal government is authorized to acquire land
    in order to protect wildlife habitat as part of conservation programs for
    endangered and threatened species, “before the seller’s activity has harmed
    any endangered animal.” 14 Land also may be acquired under section 5 of the
    ESA to prevent “modification of land that is not yet but may in the future
    become habitat for an endangered or threatened species.” 15
    In addition to restrictions on the modification of wildlife habitat
    under the ESA’s takings prohibitions, section 7(a)(2) 16 of the ESA prohibits
    actions carried out or assisted by the federal government that threaten either
    to extinguish a protected species or to modify adversely the designated
    habitat of a protected species. ”

    Please note that protected and listed are not interchangeable terms. Also, that USFWS has neglected to list wild equids that are threatened, endangered, and extinct by the malfeasance of the agencies responsible for their preservation.

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