Black Mountain Wild Burro Removal Continues

Operations resumed on February 12, according to the gather page.  No activity has been reported since February 16.

Fifty five animals have been trapped to date, with none shipped and no deaths.

The capture and removal goals are identical, 80 each.

The cumulative total includes 38 jacks, 14 jennies and three foals.

Youngsters represented 5.5% of the burros captured.

Of the adults, 73.1% were male and 26.9% were female.

Body condition scores were not provided.

The location of the trap site was not specified.

Black Mountain HMA Map 02-25-22

Roughly half of the HMA is subject to permitted grazing, as shown on the Western Watersheds map, and the AML corresponds to about 28% of the authorized forage.

The incident was not announced at the BLM news site but it does appear on the FY 2022 roundup schedule.

Animals outside the HMA on private lands are targeted.

Last year, 481 animals were removed from the area, according to figures at the gather page.  The event has not been marked complete and no such announcement has been posted by the BLM.

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