(Un)Intended Consequences of Wild Horse Management?

As the advocates get rid of the horses, other animals move in to fill the void.

Ever notice that?

Filmed on the Virginia Range.

Filling the Void on the Virginia Range 10-23-21

2 thoughts on “(Un)Intended Consequences of Wild Horse Management?

  1. Of course other animals take advantage of the space left by the horses. That’s nature’s way. However, very often with non-natural intervention the balance gets thrown off and it creates havoc. Like when you kill off the predators and the vermin populations explode and we get hanta virus or bubonic plague. Humans have created more problems than they solve, unfortunately.

  2. When the Coyote Canyon wild horse herd, last of CA Native American heritage were zeroed out from their HA the, mountain lion diet changed from filet of filly to lamb chops ( “endangered” Penninsula Bighorn Sheep.) The Anza Borrego Desert State Park Superintendent alleged the competition for water and forage warranted the extinction of the historic horses. The UC Davis studies did not uphold the “competition” allegation but Parks refused to reinstate the herd and even ordered the gelding of the stallions. With the aid of state Senator Bill Morrow were we able to save the stallions..named Don, Juan, Batiste Anza.

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