Sinbad Decision Announced

The BLM has opted for the Proposed Action, minus the use of IUDs, according to the Decision Record signed on February 15.

The news release said a wild burro roundup will occur later this year, although it does not appear on the latest schedule.

Section 3.2.1 of the Final EA notes that “Wild burros, wildlife, and livestock compete directly for the same space, water, and forage resources,” but the DR, which ties substandard conditions and lack of forage to heavy utilization by the burros, indicates that the animals “are also competing heavily with native wildlife” for food and water.

A burro consumes about half as much forage as a horse or cow/calf pair.

The Proposed Action, valid for ten years, is discussed in Section 2.1 of the EA.

The DR and EA have been posted to ePlanning with other project documents.

The HMA is in eastern Utah.

RELATED: Comments Invited on Draft EA for Sinbad Management Actions.

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