Pancake Roundup Over

The incident concluded today, according to a statement at the gather page, with 2,054 horses captured, 2,004 shipped, 26 dead and 24 returned.

There were no unaccounted-for animals.

The number of horses removed from the Complex was 2,030.

The capture goal was 2,060 and the removal goal was 2,030.

The cumulative total includes 853 stallions, 954 mares and 247 foals.

Youngsters represented 12.0% of the horses captured, consistent with a growth rate of seven percent per year, assuming a five percent death rate.

Of the adults, 47.2% were stallions and 52.8% were mares.

Body condition scores were not reported.

A coalition of advocacy groups tried unsuccessfully to block the roundup.

The loss of a colt on Day 1 sparked outrage among some advocates and prompted calls for an end to helicopter roundups.

The BLM claimed that the Complex was overpopulated with 3,244 wild horses, when it authorizes privately owned livestock equivalent to 3,612 horses in the same area, on top of the 638 horses allowed by plan.

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UPDATE: BLM news release dated February 15 omits deaths.

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