Criticize Livestock, Dart Horses

Which species will be declining in numbers?  Which one will become the primary consumer of resources on the range, if it isn’t already?

What would you say about the sincerity of the writer in this response to the January 27 column in the Reno Gazette Journal about the importance of roundups?

Western Horse watchers believes that the setting of AMLs is a discretionary process, while the determination of the available resources—and thus the carrying capacity of the land—is scientific, contrary to the statement in the article.

If you write a budget, are you going to collect data and test hypotheses to decide how much to spend on meals and entertainment?

You can have 100% livestock, neglecting wildlife, 100% wild horses, or anywhere in between, as long as the sum of the allocated AUMs does not exceed the available AUMs.

In practice, AMLs correspond to 20% or less of the authorized AUMs.

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