Desatoya Roundup Over

Operations concluded yesterday, according to a BLM news release, with 200 horses captured, 154 shipped, six dead and two returned.

The capture goal was 233 and the removal goal was 150.

The death rate was 3%.

Foals represented 14% percent of the captured animals, consistent with a herd growth rate of 9% per year, assuming a 5% death rate.

Of the adults, 50.6% were male and 49.4% were female.

The cumulative total included 87 stallions, 85 mares and 28 foals.  More details at the gather page.

The 38 unaccounted-for animals are mares treated with GonaCon Equine.  They will be released in 30 days after a booster, bringing the number of horses removed to 160.

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