Independence Valley Farm and Ranch Sells for $30 Million

The Pequop Conservancy sold the property, which straddles I-80 about 60 miles east of Elko, NV, to Ruby IVFR Holdings in the fall of 2021, according to a report posted yesterday by the Elko Daily Free Press.

The deeded acres may consist of checkerboard lands in the highway corridor, similar to the Rock Springs HMAs in Wyoming.  Refer to the image at 1:30 in the following video.

The ranch is north of the Spruce-Pequop HMA, site of the wild horse shootings in 2018 and part of Madeleine Pickens’ Mustang Monument.  Click on map to open in new tab.

The story did not indicate if free-roaming horses are found in and around the ranch.

Independence Valley Farm and Ranch Map 01-19-22

The privately held acres may qualify as a base property that secures grazing preference to the West Big Springs Allotment.  The permittee is 333 Ranch, which may be a third-party producer of hay and range-fed beef.

Although much of this post is speculation, the price tag tells you that the entrance fee to the world of public-lands ranching is not cheap.

NOTE: The markings on the door and tailgate of the truck at 3:19 indicate 333 Ranch.

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