Rock Springs Roundup Draws Some Media Attention

Although this report by KPVI News of Pocatello, ID mentions resource management plans, it does not explain them, but it’s far more informative than anything you’ll get from the advocates.

The article refers to legal actions by the Rock Springs Grazing Association and the Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses as “Lawsuits from both sides of the debate,” which is not correct.

They are on the same side of the debate: One group wants the horses removed with helicopters, the other wants them removed with PZP.

The first method is fast and the second method is slow but both give the public-lands ranchers unfettered access to cheap feed in areas set aside for wild horses.

This bogus advocacy group cares more about its standing among the bureaucrats and ranchers than it does about America’s wild horses.

RELATED: Advocates to Interior: Let Us Get Rid of Rock Springs Horses.

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