FY 2022 Resource Enforcement Targets Don’t Balance

The BLM said today that at least 22,000 wild horses and burros would be captured on public lands this year, with at least 19,000 removed.

That leaves 3,000 unaccounted-for animals.

The announcement also stated that at least 2,300 animals would be treated with various forms of fertility control and returned to their home range.

That leaves 700 unaccounted-for animals.

Does that mean 700 untreated animals will be returned to the range or are they budgeting for 700 deaths?

Helicopter roundups and fertility control programs do not allocate resources and cannot change resource allocations.  They enforce resource allocations already on the books.

With the exception of a few areas, wild horses and burros receive five to twenty percent of the authorized forage, with the balance going to privately owned livestock.

As the bureaucrats and advocates get rid of excess animals (those above AML), the ranchers can enjoy more of what their allotments have to offer.

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Love Triangle on Americas Public Lands 08-19-21

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