Nevada WHR Roundup Over

The figures for Days 8, 10, 11 and 13 have been revised.

The incident concluded on January 3, according to a statement at the gather page, with 638 horses captured, 432 shipped, 11 dead and 62 returned to their home range.

Also captured were 91 burros.  No deaths were reported and none were returned.

Foals represented 23.2% of the horses captured.  Of the burros, 15.4% were foals.

Mares outnumbered stallions by a ratio of approximately 1.3:1.  Jacks outnumbered jennies by a ratio of roughly 1.6:1.

The capture goal was 648 horses and 100 burros.

The removal goal was 438 horses and 100 burros.

The number of horses removed was 576.  If the 133 mares treated with GonaCon are returned to the WHR, that figure will drop to 443.  The number of unaccounted-for horses, currently at 133, will drop to zero.

There were no unaccounted-for burros.

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