Stallions Especially Susceptible to Wear-Out Failures?

As noted yesterday, the average age of a herd subject to the Montana Solution increases with time, along with the death rate, as few if any foals are born and more horses reach the “wear out” period.

Earlier this year, the Park Service reported 27 males and 51 females on the Maryland side of Assateague Island.

In 2020, they found 21 stallions and 51 mares.

Females outnumber males by a two-to-one margin.  What’s happening to the stallions?

The area has been a test bed for wild horse fertility control since the mid 1980s.

The darting program was shut off in 2016.

The Park Service had been reporting herd demographics every two months, give or take, but the news releases stopped in November 2019.

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