Debunking Sage-Grouse Myth

If there’s an agenda, problems will be invented that steer public opinion toward its acceptance.

That’s the story behind man-made climate change.  Pure fiction.

The goal is not environmental protection, but massive government involvement in your life, sometimes referred to as socialism.  You need to give them more power.

So it is on western rangelands, as discussed in a column posted yesterday by the Casper Star-Tribune.

Supporters of public-lands ranching use habitat degradation to bludgeon wild horses, deflect attention from grazing and conceal the effects attributable thereto.

The goal is not to protect the birds but to secure more resources for the ranchers.

Curiously, the BLM recently announced virtual scoping sessions as it considers changes to the management plans for sage-grouse habitats.  More information can be found at the ePlanning site for the project.

A keyword search of the Rangewide Monitoring Report, posted with other project documents, yielded these results:

  • Horse – No occurrences
  • Horses – 1
  • Livestock – 24
  • Permittee – 5
  • Grazing – 57
  • Allotment – 13
  • Allotments – 89
  • Drilling – 0
  • Mining – 136
  • Logging – 0
  • Recreation – 4

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