Restore or Reform Wild Horse and Burro Act?

The year is almost over and while the advocates are reviewing what they did to our wild ones in 2021, Craig Downer explains in this article what can be done for them.

Regarding base properties, Western Horse Watchers believes that they are part of the solution: Confine the ranchers to their deeded acres and let them pay market rates to feed their animals, in a year-round off-season.

The proposed feedlot north of Winnemucca will support 4,000 animals on 100 acres of private property.  If it works for the horses it works for the cattle.

As for climate change, Western Horse Watchers believes that it’s a naturally occurring process that’s been going on for eons and is not attributable to modern life, as the Marxists would have you believe.

They’re not interested in protecting the environment but controlling every aspect of your life.  Why are you still voting for them?

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