RMPs Put Ranching Interests Far Above Those of Wild Horses

You can’t criticize public-lands ranchers about livestock grazing while you’re trying to get rid of wild horses with PZP—the latter helps the former—but the writer of a guest column in today’s online edition of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle does exactly that.

Miniscule AMLs, large amounts of forage assigned to livestock and enforcement actions such as helicopter roundups, fertility control, sex ratio skewing and sterilization have a common origin: Resource Management Plans, sometimes referred to as land-use plans.

If you want to help America’s wild horses, put your darting rifles down and change the plans so HMAs are managed principally for wild horses, not privately owned livestock.

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One thought on “RMPs Put Ranching Interests Far Above Those of Wild Horses

  1. Do you really think there is a way to change the RMP’s to follow what is written? How would you go about making them following the RMP as written for the herd, when the powers that be have found a way around managing them principally?

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