BLM Limiting Observation of Rock Springs Roundup?

The Campaign Against America’s Wild Horses alleged on Monday that the agency moved the observation area to a location that blocks the view of the trap, which violates the public’s First Amendment right to observe the federal operation, according to a report posted yesterday by ABC4 News of Salt Lake City.

The group also wants cameras installed on the helicopters to create public transparency and independent oversight for operations that occur out of public view.

The organization and its supporters oppose wild horse roundups but not removals, arguing that the government should be getting rid of them with PZP not helicopters.

The lopsided resource allocations that put the interests of public-lands ranchers far above those of the horses, sometimes referred to as thriving ecological balances, are not on their radar screen.

PZP achieves the same results as the helicopters, in terms of herd sizes, but over a much longer timeframe.  The long-term effects may be worse than the roundups.  But that’s what the advocates bring to the table.

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